Public Events

We are available to attend various public events ranging from large council events, firework displays, festivals, concerts, school fairs & sports days.



We offer our Lean 6oz gourmet steak burgers ranging from The Simple Plain One (steaks burger & onions) to our signature The Cran-Brie Burger (6oz steak burger, cranberry sauce, French brie, rocket leaves & crispy tobacco onions served on a fresh brioche bun)


What makes our burgers different….they are produced fresh for us by our butcher, to our recipe on the day of the event. They are very lean with minimum fat or gristle. When placed on the bbq, there are no flare-ups, no plumes of smoke as you would get from alternative cheaper varieties of burgers.


Other options available are our locally produced sausages as hotdogs as standard and jumbo size as well as XXL German Bratwurst sausage hotdog all perfect for the charcoal flavour.


Our stall consists on a 3m x 3m pop up canopy in black, with a wooden front. The Trailblazer bbq sits to the side if the stall allowing the public to see the products being cooked for that bit of theatre. We have are own tables, water boilers, sinks and lights.


All necessary registration with local council, food hygiene certificates, insurance including public and product liability are up to date.


Current food rating (July 2018)

  • SIZZLE & ROLL (St Georges Market 5 STAR)


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